// vocals & guitar


Born: Cardiff, Wales

Mal is from Cardiff, Wales where he was a head choir boy at his local church. At the age of 10 he started the acoustic guitar and banjo, coached by a very talented teacher and consequently performed with his brother in folk clubs, eisteddfods and other events.

He is blessed with having a good musical ear, so loves working out vocal harmonies and more recently has taken up another of his passions, the piano. He is Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand of a leading Italian Engineering firm Bonfiglioli Transmission. 


// vocal & sax


Born: Sydney

Sam loves playing alto sax, singing harmonies or lead on some of her favourite songs, and writing original songs with Darryl.


She also loves jamming with her 12 year old son who plays keys and sax. When she has to go to work, she gets paid by football teams and corporate clients who want to learn to take their performance to a higher level, reducing the noise and mental interference that stops them playing at their best.


Playing in Vegas Nerve gives her a vehicle to practice (live) everything she teaches at


// vocals & keys/bass


Born: Lismore, NSW

Darryl came to Sydney in the early eighties as a high school music teacher with a box full of cassettes of his first album ‘In The Smoke’.


He has run Fountainhead Studios for 30 years, written musicals, taught thousands of students and inspired countless musicians over the years, both face to face and with his online business. 


// vocals & keys/bass


Born: Melbourne

After too many years of classical music training and exams in her youth, Gill has rediscovered the joy of rocking out! In addition to aspiring rock chick, she's a mum to a household of three boys.


In her spare time she helps organisations adapt and thrive in this pressured, always-on world through leadership and mindfulness-based interventions. 



12 original songs



Asian Spice Market - Crows Nest  - Sun Sept 1  (Father's Day) 5pm

Asian Spice Market - Crows Nest  - Sun June 23  5pm


Asian Spice Market - Crows Nest  - Sun April 7  4pm

North End Cafe - Maroubra  - Sun Jan 20  6pm


Lazybones Lounge - Marrickville - Tues April 17  8pm

Fountainhead Concert - Coogee Diggers  - Sun Dec 2  4pm


Lazybones Lounge - Marrickville  - Tues Dec 12  8pm

The Bunker - Coogee Diggers Club - Tues Nov 28  8pm

City Recital Hall - Sydney - Thurs Sept 28  8pm

The Bunker - Coogee Diggers Club - Tues Nov 28  8pm

Fountainhead Concert - Coogee Diggers  - Sun Dec 3  4pm



Spectrum Now Festival  - Coogee Diggers  - Fri Mar 11  7pm to 9pm

The Bunker - Coogee Diggers Club - Sun June 5  4pm to 7pm

The Bunker - Coogee Diggers Club - Sat Aug 13  3pm to 5pm

Randwick EcoLving Fair - Randwick - Sun Sept 4  1pm to 2pm

The Bunker - Coogee Diggers Club - Sun Oct 30  5pm to 7pm


The Bunker - Coogee Diggers Club - Sun Nov 27  5pm to 7pm (CD launch)



Coogee Bowling Club - Sun Mar 29  1pm to 3pm


Maroubra Sports Club - Sun Mar 8  1pm to 3pm


The Bunker - Coogee Diggers  - Sun June 14  4pm to 6pm


The Bunker - Coogee Diggers  - Sun Nov 29  4pm to 6pm


Fountainhead Concert - Coogee Diggers  - Sun Dec 6  4pm to 7pm